“Türkiye Gazetesi” (, having started its editorial life on 22 April 1970, is the only national newspaper that saw no change in its ownership structure and no change in the direction of its editorial policy since the day it was founded. “Türkiye Gazetesi”, which has fair and accurate journalism policy, has been practising media ethics and principles and has been a rigorous follower of universal and modern values.

“Türkiye Gazetesi” with experienced management, consistent editorial policy, extensive brand recognition and a large reader base holds a top position in media sector.

Within the framework of renovation plans taken on the drawing board in 2008 and concluded in 2009; the page layout, design and content of “Türkiye Gazetesi” were completely renewed. Within the scope social responsibility, “Türkiye Gazetesi” started publishing; the first and the only ecology section among Turkish newspapers called “Ediz Hun ile Yeşil Sayfa”, “TESYEV’le Engelsiz Sayfa” a section first of its kind for the handicapped offering them a communication platform, “Genç Türkiye” section aiming the youngsters to grow up as contributory individuals to the society, an interactive and functional health page called “Sağlık Sayfası”.

As being the forerunner of home delivery system in Turkey, “Türkiye Gazetesi” makes delivery to homes and offices besides being sold on newsstands throughout the country. Home delivery system which is prevalent in the U.S.A. and Japan has long proved to bring forth stability in sales thanks to its nature to build strong ties with the readers. Home delivery system also serves as a springboard for the burgeoning customer base of Ihlas Holding’s other subsidiaries.