Knowing the importance of the prepress stages for printing quality, “Ihlas Gazetecilik A.S.” hasalways been an investor in cutting-edge technology. Also taking into consideration that graphics are not always given to us with this latest technology, older techniques are still available in our range.Our prepress department uses the most up-to-date DTP (Desktop publishing), graphic design, page layout and digital retouching hardwares and softwares; modern scanners, high-tech digital plotter machines and state-of-the-art CTP (Computer-to-Plate) platesetters offering superior print quality, accuracy and time efficiency by transferring data directly from computer onto offset printing plates.

Our skilled technicians can handle graphic design, copy-editing, proofreading, page layout, colour seperation, digital retouching and electronic imposition from different storage formats. A set of modern digital plotter machines give way to accuracy, swift work and customer satisfaction.

Colourproofs are provided to you by courier services within 24/48 hours after receiving graphics and this ensures you of high quality results in your finished products.

Only after receiving your confirmation, we will start production.

Prepress Equipments

– 1 Krause LS Jet violet CTP platesetter and processor
– 1 FujiFilm LUXEL Vx-9600 violet CTP platesetter and processor
– 12 Punch Graphix BasysPrint 853 CTcP UV platesetters and processors
– 3 HP digital plotter machines