Mision, Vision, Strategy

Mission, Vision and Strategic Targets of the Company

Mission: Our main mission is to provide our readers with accurate reporting and news coverage and offer them honest editorial comment.

The main duty of the managers is to steer the company and the newspaper in such a way that enables the maintenance of independence which is the foundation of this mission and the maximisation of the shareholder value.

Vision: Our company stands out for its high-value publishing, high quality printing, employee focusedness and attentiveness to social responsibility issues. It is commited to carry on its long-lasting contributions to societal well-being and maintain its frontrunning position in this direction.

Strategic Targets: To provide customer oriented service; to develop reader-specific products;utilising traditional values for the preparation of the content; to keep finger on the pulse of the recent developments in technology; to diversify and enlarge the sales and distribution channels by the use of productive methods; to prepare information and entertainment contents tailored to the individuals; to cooperate with the leading media corporations in the world.