Printing Facilities

“Türkiye Gazetesi”’s content is coupled with a strong technical and distribution structure. Printing operations of “İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş.” are scatterred all over the country. “İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş.” have printing facilities in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Trabzon and Antalya. Capacity of Istanbul printing facility is 55,000 copies of newspaper per hour. Localisation of the printing facilities helps us to address the agendas of different regions by zoned editions with region-specific editorial content.

The new structure within “İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş.”, that has come a long way toward fortifying the integration of editorial and printing facilities, brought huge increase in the quality of the products and services offered to customers including national and local newspapers, publishing houses, advertising agencies. New management model that further activates the company dynamics, brings out complete solutions from graphic design to offset printing. National and local newspapers as well as a wide array of books, magazines, inserts, supplements and brochures are printed by “İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş.”.