“Ihlas Gazetecilik A.S.” offers high quality web offset printing, sheet-fed offset printing and binding services from A to Z.

“Ihlas”, supplying Turkey with several newspapers, magazines and many other printed materials for more than 50 years, always places quality and efficiency in the very forefront.

Our major goals in the services we offer are: Customer satisfaction and price competitiveness for all our customers, local and foreign.

Our printing facility in Istanbul offering complete prepress, printing and postpress solutions, has a huge surface area. Its location on one of the main arteries of the city and its proximity to Istanbul Ataturk International Airport make it easily accessible.

“Ihlas Gazetecilik A.S.”, with its high quality production certified by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certificate, implements the whole chain of total quality management by conducting thorough supervisions at every production stage.

To your attention:

– Over 450 employees.
– The capacity of the web offset printing facility in Istanbul is 5 million signatures per day.
– Soft cover binding capacity is 280,000 pcs. per day, hard cover casing and binding capacity is 72,000 pcs. per day.
– “Ihlas Gazetecilik A.S.” is also a leading publisher in Turkey owning its famous nationwide newspaper, “Turkiye Gazetesi”.
– “Ihlas Gazetecilik A.S.” prints many well-known magazines like “Made in Turkey Economic Newspaper”, “Home Textile Exports”, “Automotive Exports”, “Tekstil & Teknik” that are published by Ihlas Magazine Group, one of Turkey’s largest sectoral magazine groups.