Disclosure Policy

The Company Information Policy

The Informing Policy of İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş. will be submitted for shareholders’ information in the first General Assembly meeting to be held. The information policy included in the Corporate Management Principles Compliance Report is announced to the public through the periodical activity reports and on the Company’s corporate website under the title “Corporate Management”.


The main purpose of the information policy is to ensure the transmission of the necessary information and explanations excluded by the scope of trade secrets, to shareholders, employees, customers, creditors and other related parties in a manner that is timely, accurate, complete, understandable, and accessible in the easiest way, at the lowest cost and under equal conditions.

In order to follow an active and transparent information policy, İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş. performs its informing and public disclosure activities, including all kinds of necessary financial information, other explanations and notifications within the framework of the relevant legislation in the Turkish Commercial Code and especially the regulations of the Capital Markets Board (SPK) and Borsa Istanbul (BIST) while remaining within the context of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.


The Board of Directors is responsible for creating, reviewing and updating the information policy. The Corporate Management Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and related units about the information policy. The information policy presented to the shareholders at the General Assembly is disclosed to the public on the Company website.

Informing Tools and Methods

Tools and methods used by the Company in order to inform and notify the public in accordance with Capital Markets Board (SPK), Borsa Istanbul (BIST) regulations and the Turkish Commercial Code (TTK) provisions are listed below.

1- Special case announcements transmitted to the Public Disclosure Platform within the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) in accordance with the relevant notification of the Capital Markets Board (SPK),

2- The corporate website (www.ihlasgazetecilik.com.tr),

3- Financial Statements and their Footnotes, Independent Audit Report, Statements and Annual Reports declared on the Public Disclosure Platform and on the Company website,

4- Notices and announcements made by means of the Turkey Trade Registry Gazette and daily newspapers,

5- Press releases made to the written and visual media in addition to data distribution companies such as Reuters and Forex,

6- Investor meetings, informational and promotional documents prepared for investors,

7- Registration statements, communiqués, announcements and other documents that are required to be prepared in accordance with Capital Market Regulations,

8- Meetings with Capital Market participants that are either face to face or via teleconferencing.

Financial statements are subject to independent audit, based on independent audit standards published by the Capital Markets Board and submitted for the approval of the Board of Directors following the approval of the Audit Committee. It is presented to the Board of Directors’ endorsement after being approved by the Audit Committee After the attestation is signed by the authorized members of the Board of Directors, financial statements are disclosed to the public.

Following the approval of the Board of Directors, financial statements and their footnotes, as well as independent audit reports and their annexes are submitted to the Public Disclosure Platform in electronic form for publication in line with CMB and BIST regulations. Financial statements and their footnotes are also submitted through an electronic environment via KAP (Public Disclosure Platform) Submission.

Individuals Authorized to Make Statements

All special case statements of İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş. are made within the scope of the Capital Markets Board’s Communiqué on Principles Regarding Public Disclosure of Special Cases (Series: VIII, No: 54). Special case announcements are prepared within the structure of the Financial Affairs Coordinatorship, with the signatures of the related Members of the Board of Directors, and are disclosed to the public through the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) and the Company website.

News and Rumors in the Market

News and rumors about the Company appearing in media organs and in the public are followed by our Investor Relations Unit on an up-to-date basis.

When news or rumors appear in media organs and/or in the public regarding our Company, and in the event that they are of a degree of significance such that they affect the investment decisions of investors or influence the value of capital market instruments, and which had not been disclosed by individuals authorized to represent our Company (other than information already disclosed to the public through special situation announcements, prospectuses, circular notes, proclamation texts approved by the Board, financial reports and other public disclosure documents), necessary explanations shall be provided by the associates in pursuance with Article 18 “Confirmation of News and Rumors” of the Communiqué on whether such news and / or rumors are true or sufficient.

However, no special situation announcement shall be made if the information in such news and / or rumors is composed of information which had been disclosed through special situation announcements, circular notes, prospectuses, promulgation texts approved by the Board and financial reports and did not include any additional information.

Announcement of Expectations

Our Company may announce its expectations from time to time in compliance with its Information Policy. In written documents in which expectations are stated, the assumptions that such expectations are based on, and the motives they were prepared in accordance with, shall also be explained. Such explanations shall clearly state that the actual results may differ from expectations due to possible risks, uncertainties or various other reasons. Future-oriented information included in public disclosures shall be explained along with the grounds that the forecasts are based on, as well as statistical data. Information shall not include groundless or exaggerated projections, shall not be misleading and shall be associated with the Company’s financial status and results of its operations.

In public disclosures, in the event that forecasts and their grounds stated in regular financial statements and reports are not realized or understood not to be realized, revised information, statements and reports along with their grounds shall be immediately disclosed to the public.

Expectations shall be announced only by those persons authorized to issue public disclosures and by explicitly expressing the above stated warnings or by making reference to a written document (such as press release, information document, explanation formerly made within the framework of the Capital Markets Legislation, etc.) which is already disclosed to the public.

In the event that there is a significant change in the Company’s financial status and/or operations or in cases in which it is expected that a significant change will take place in the near future, public disclosure is made within the framework of the Company’s Public Disclosure Policy, provided that provisions stated in related regulations are preserved.

Internal Information and Non-Disclosure

Press statements to the written and visual media can only be made under the responsibility of the Executive Board Member responsible for Fiscal Affairs. Apart from this member, unless specially assigned, none of the Company employees may respond to questions from participants of the capital market. Incoming information requests are forwarded to the Shareholder Relations Unit. Within the scope of information management, information regarding the Company’s management, legal status and Company projects, other than those set by legislation, are announced to the public through explanations made by appointed managers and Members of the Board of Directors.

Public Announcements by Insiders with Access to Information

People with access to information of a nature that may affect the value of the Company’s capital market tools may be specified as the Board of Directors, Members of the Board of Directors and people involved in senior management as they also have access to insider information. When providing a balance between the policies of full and complete public disclosure, transparency of activities and preserving the Company and investor benefits, it is very important that all Company employees and managers comply with the legal regulations regarding the use of inside information. In this respect, the names of those with access to inside information are published in an updated list at the Company website under the title Corporate Management. None of the employees or managers has the right to use any insider information regarding the Company directly or indirectly. Moreover, they are aware of all restrictions about the nature of this information and the legal regulations, in addition to behaving in compliance with these restrictions and prohibitions.

The Company website and its content

The website address of İhlas Gazetecilik A.Ş. is www.ihlasgazetecilik.com.tr. Miscellaneous information that may be requested about the Company is comprehensively included on the Internet address in question. Information disclosed to the public is also published on the website to ensure that everyone may access the same information simultaneously. The website is updated in line with developments and includes a section called “investor relations” in which minimum points predicated by the Capital Markets Boards are included. The Shareholder Relations Unit keeps all the shareholders informed through the website, which is continuously maintained at an up to date status.